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Speaking in Mother Tongues (New York Times)
A personal essay on the experience of raising a bilingual child

Teaching Arabic to kids: How families are putting the fun back into reading (Middle East Eye)
With taught classical Arabic not spoken in informal conversation, language learning can be a challenge, not least for young children

Return to Kuwait (Al Jazeera English)
Twenty years after Iraq’s invasion, former classmates dispersed by the war reunite

How a British market was inspired by the Islamic model of Medina (MEE)
Muslims in the UK city of Norwich launch a new ‘free market’ based on the prophetic traditions of Islam to support communities and help combat economic impact of the coronavirus

How a movie star (and my mother) made me a feminist (MEE)
Egyptian film actress Magda al-Sabahy left a legacy of strong female roles that still resonate today

Mostafa’s Story: How an Egyptian woman finally got her baby boy (MEE)
Rasha Mekky thought her future would be childless, until she discovered an alternative to adoption that would be permissible in Islam

Cambridge’s burgeoning Muslim community to benefit from eco-mosque
(Environment Journal)
A new ‘eco’ mosque in Cambridge hosted its first morning prayers — it’s a unique building with world-class environmental credentials and hopes to better serve the city’s burgeoning Muslim community

Women reporters in war zones: The stories that need to be told (MEE)
The accounts in Our Women On The Ground are harrowing, endless and hardly contained within the binding of a book

The Art of War
Q&A with Syrian storytellers Nadine & Soudade Kaadan
(Trix magazine, issue 1)

‘I sort of broke English’ (MEE)
Zeina Hashem Beck on protests in Lebanon and living on the edge of language and home

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